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The MA program in Modern China Studies has a strong emphasis on academic research. It includes courses ("modules") in theory and methods, topic-oriented seminars, language classes, preparation for teaching, academic research, or jobs outside academia, colloquiums, and one semester abroad.

Structure of the program

1st and 2nd semester - in Freiburg, taking seminars and language classes
3rd semester - study abroad
4th semester - in Freiburg, working on master's thesis

Detailed information about the structure of the program can be found here and in the German module manual. The official regulations (Prüfungsordnung, Zulassungsordnung) in German language can be found here.

The program includes the following modules:

Module 1 - Theories and Methods
Module 2 - Chinese Politics and Economy
Module 3 - Chinese Culture and Society
Module 4 - Language Training
Module 5 - Research and Teaching Training and Practice
Module 6 - Current Research Topics
Module 7 - Semester Abroad

Modules 2 and 3 include topic-oriented seminars, the contents of which are determined on a semester-by-semester basis. Topic of past seminars have included:

- Political theories in contemporary China
- Protest and resistance in the PRC
- The history of capitalism in China
- Chinese foreign policy
- Bestsellers in contemporary China
- Law and despotism in the PRC
- Artists, gamers and militarists - Subcultures in China
- Commerce, culture or communism? Consumer culture in China
- News, media, and propaganda in China
- Chinese Futures

Details about current courses can be found here and in the course catalogue of the University of Freiburg.




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