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Welcome to the Institute of Chinese Studies at Freiburg University

Research and teaching at the Institute of Chinese Studies at Freiburg University focus on modern and contemporary China and are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach combining history and the social sciences. In addition, the Institute offers a comprehensive training in the Chinese language.

Photos from our institute's everyday life, reading recommendations and information about our events can be found on our Facebook page.


Information on recent and upcoming events, important dates, and publications, can be found here:


News Item Online-Tagung: "Starke Männer – Figuren disruptiver Politik in transnationaler Perspektive"
Am 24./25. März findet (online) eine Tagung zum Thema "Starke Männer – Figuren disruptiver Politik in transnationaler Perspektive" statt, organisiert u.a. von Frau Prof. Spakowski
News Item Nicola Spakowskis neues Buch ist erschienen!
„China seit 1978. Politik, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft“
News Item DVCS Jahrestagung 19.-21.11.2021 an der Uni Freiburg
Tagungsthema: Wissensasymmetrien: China als Akteur und Objekt (globaler) Debatten / Knowledge Asymmetries: China as Agent and Object in (Global) Debates / 知识的偏位:全球辩论中作为主动者与客体的中国
News Item Lena Henningsen's New Book Is Out Now!
Lena Henningsen’s new book is released now: Cultural Revolution Manuscripts: Unofficial Entertainment Fiction from 1970s China
News Item Great news: Auszeichnung für „Maos langer Schatten“
„Maos langer Schatten“ (Daniel Leese) ist von der International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) mit dem Preis für das beste asienwissenschaftliche Buch in deutscher Sprache ausgezeichnet worden!
News Item New Publication: The Political Opportunity Structure of Chinese Villages: A Case Study of Rightful Resistance in Northwest China
René Trappel published a collaborative article with two members of the School of Management, Lanzhou University, PR China in the latest issue of Asian Perspective.
News Item New Publication: “Negotiating Agrarian Futures in China”
The special feature “Negotiating Agrarian Futures in China” under the guest editorship of Karita Kan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and René Trappel, University of Freiburg, has been published in the latest issue of China Perspectives (2021/2).
News Item Talk by Julia Schneider on Book Inquisition under the Qing
The READCHINA project is happy to invite you to an upcoming talk by Dr. Julia Schneider on Monday 14 June 21, at 14:00 (German time). The talk will be held online via Zoom!
News Item Veranstaltungshinweis: “When Silence Is Not Golden: The Costs of China’s Sanctions of European Researchers”
SAR-Ireland in conjunction with Prof. Alex Dukalskis (UCD) and Dr. Julia C. Schneider (UCC) would like to invite you to the following online webinar:
News Item "Wissensasymmetrien: China als Akteur und Objekt (globaler) Debatten"
Die 32. Jahrestagung der DVCS (Deutsche Vereinigung für Chinastudien e.V.) wird von 19. bis 21. November 2021 in Freiburg stattfinden.

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