Maoist Legacy Database is online now

The Maoist Legacy Project team is pleased to announce the availability to colleagues of the Maoist Legacy Database, a digital archive that the project has been compiling related to project research.

 The archive currently holds about 3,400 carefully curated items that address various aspects of how the CCP, in the aftermath of Mao's death, dealt with past injustices. Scholarly introductions provide a starting point for exploring various facets of the available materials. Collections and exhibits showcase highlights from the archive. Translations of selected items allow access for non specialist readers. Other features include the ability to transcribe handwritten Chinese documents that have been uploaded, and a resources section that includes our Zhongfa Directory and extensive bibliography. The digital archive is an ongoing project, and the project team plans to release additional introductions, exhibits, and items in the coming weeks and months. This initial version is still in beta phase. The project team welcomes feedback from fellow researchers in order to optimize usability and foster collaboration. Please visit

Please note that the digital reproductions of the materials in the Maoist Legacy Database are to be used only for research, scholarship, and other non-commercial educational purposes. Every user must agree to these terms and conditions upon registering for the database. The project team gratefully acknowledges the funding for this project provided by the European Research Council (ERC). For questions and feedback, please contact the project team at contact[at]


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