Guoqing Song, M.A.

ERC-Project “The Maoist Legacy: Party Dictatorship, Transitional Justice, and the Politics of Truth"

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Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg   
Institut für Sinologie
Werthmannstraße 12
79098 Freiburg, Germany

E-Mail: guoqing.song@sinologie.uni-freiburg.de



University Education

Since 08.2014
Member of the project „The Maoist Legacy: Party Dictatorship, Transitional Justice and the Politics of Truth” and PhD student at the Department of Sinology, University of Freiburg.

Master student at History Department, Nanjing University, China

Undergraduate student at College of Historical Culture and Tourism, Sichuan Normal University, China

Main Research Interests

Social history of Modern China

Cultural Revolution in Guangxi


Book Chapters

“You xin minzhu zhuyi xiang shehui zhuyi guodu(1949-1956)”[ From New Democracy to Socialism], and “Shehui zhuyi shichang jingji de chubu jianli (1992-2000)”[ The Preliminary Establishment of Socialist Market-oriented Economy], in: Nanjing tongshi (gongheguo juan)[Nanjing History]( the PRC Era), edited by Dong Guoqiang, Nanjing: Nanjing chubanshe, 2014.


with Dong Guoqiang, “ Guangxi Wenge Qijian Fei Zhengchang Siwang Yanjiu” [ A Research on the Unnatural Deaths in Guangxi during the Cultural Revolution ], in: Lingdaozhe [Leaders], No.68, February, 2016:154-162.

with Dong Guoqiang, “Shilu yijiu wusan nian qianhou zhongguo shehui jiuzhu zhengce de tiaozheng” [ On the Modification of Social Assistance Policy of China around 1953], in: Zhonggong Dangshi Yanjiu [CPC History Studies], No.9, 2014:31-41.

“Jianguo chuqi nanjing dui jiu shehui jiuzhu jigou zhenghe lichen”[ The Process for Integrating the Old Social Assistance Organizations in Nanjing during the Early Period of PRC ], in: Zhongshan Fengyu [Zhongshan Histrory], No.5, 2014:9-11


with Dong Guoqiang, “Shehui zhuyi zhongguo de weiji yu zhuanxing —‘ Yiching Wu, the Cultural Revolution at the Margins: Chinese Socialism In Crisis’ Pingjie” [ The Crisis and Transformation in Socialist China — a review of Yiching Wu, the Cultural Revolution at the Margins: Chinese Socialism In Crisis], in: Ershiyi shiji, [Twenty-First Century ], forthcoming.


"Healing the Wounds”: A Case Study of Dealing with Cultural Revolutionary Killings in Guangxi.

This study, firstly, will investigate why Guangxi authority responded to the center’s directives so late and bluntly. How did the center finally get Guangxi to obey its authority? Secondly, it will elucidate how the Center Work Group and Guangxi authority dealt with killings during the Cultural Revolution, and how the victims and perpetrators actively influenced the reversal process. Thirdly, it seeks to examine what the effects are for today’s society.



Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Institut für Sinologie
Werthmannstraße 12
D-79098 Freiburg i. Br.

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