Dr. Jens Damm (Professurvertretung)

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Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg   
Institut für Sinologie
Werthmannstraße 12
79098 Freiburg, Germany

Office room no. 01.005

Phone: +49 761 203-67752
Fax:     +49 761 203-67766

E-Mail: jens.damm@sinologie.uni-freiburg.de 

(oder: jens.damm@fu-berlin.de)



My research interests include the new media and the Internet, the Taiwanese and Chinese diasporas, and gender studies. Other projects concern current discourses on Taiwan and China in the German media and vice versa. I am also a Board Member of the European Association of Taiwan Studies EATS e.V.




Freie Universität Berlin

Doktor der Philosophie, Sinologie, “Homosexualität und Gesellschaft in Taiwan: 1945 bis 1995”


Universität Trier

Magister “Liu Xiaobo – ein Ikonoklast in der Tradition des Vierten Mai”



10/2022 - 09/2023 Professurvertretung Daniel Leese, Sinologie (Schwerpunkt: „Geschichte und Politik des Modernen China“)

9/2020-2/2021 Research Fellow, European Institute for Chinese Studies EURICS, Paris

2009-2019 Associate [Assistant]  Professor, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies, Chang Jung University, Tainan City, Taiwan

[Parallel: 2015-2018 Non-resident research fellow at the Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, “China’s Cultural Diplomacy and the Role of Non-state Actors “, (PI) (GARC)]

2004-2009 Wissenschaftlicher Assistent C1, Freie Universität Berlin, Sinology

2003-2001 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Freie Universität Berlin, Sinology/Political Science



China and Germany after the 2021 Election: Between Continuity and Increasing Confrontation. In Simona Grano and David Chiavacci (eds.) International Responses to US-China Strategic Competition: Neutrality vs. Taking-Sides. Palgrave. In print. 2022.

Chinas Digitalisierung: Effizienz und Kontrolle durch eigene Technologiestandards. Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung BZP. 2021.

China’s Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin: The Impact of Transnational and Local, in J. Damm, O. Klimeš, G. Rawnsley, J. Ptáčková (eds.) China’s Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin: The Impact of Transnational and Local, Palgrave. 2020.

China and the Ethnic Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia: Discourses, Perceptions and Cultural Diplomacy, Berliner-Hefte 51, 23-42. 2019.

The impact of the Taiwanese LGBTQ movement in mainland China with a specific focus on the case of the “Chinese Lala Alliance” and “marriage equality in Chinese societies”, in Carsten Storm (ed.) Connecting Taiwan. Routledge. 2018.

Politics  and  the  Media,  in  G.  Schubert  (Ed.)  Routledge  Handbook  of  Contemporary Taiwan. 2017.

The Early Contradictory Approaches to Gender and Sexuality and the Recourse to American Discourses during Taiwan's Societal Transformation in the early 1980s, in H. Chiang and Yin Wang, Perverse Taiwan, London: Routledge. 2016.

The Contemporary Political and Public Discourse on the Xinhai Revolution in Taiwan in the Context  of  the  Centennial  Celebration of  the  ROC,  Berliner  China-Hefte/Chinese History  and Society 47, 122-138. 2016.

An Outline of LGBTQ and Tongzhi Discourses in Taiwan: From the Re-Invented Confucianism of the 1950s to a Glocal Queer Discourse Today. Festschrift für Mechthild Leutner. Peter Lang. 2016.

I am also the author of Homosexualität und Gesellschaft in Taiwan: 1945 bis 1995 (LIT) and I have (co)-edited a range of works, for example, (2019) Transnational Sites of China's Cultural Diplomacy- Central Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe Compared, Palgrave; (2018) with Mechthild Leutner and Niu Dayong, China's Interaction the World: Historical and Contemporary Aspects; (2012) with Gunter Schubert, Taiwanese Identity in the 21st Century, Routledge; (2012) with Paul Lim, European Perspectives on Taiwan (VS Springer; (2009) China Networks, with Mechthild Leutner); (2008) with Andreas Steen, Postmodern China; (2007) with Gunter Schubert, Taiwanese Identity from Domestic, Regional and Global Perspectives; (2006) with Simona Thomas, Chinese Cyberspaces.




Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Institut für Sinologie
Werthmannstraße 12
D-79098 Freiburg i. Br.

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