Elisabeth Schleep, M.A.

Mitarbeiterfoto E.Schleep1Mailing Address:

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg    
Institut für Sinologie
Werthmannstraße 12
79098 Freiburg, Germany

Phone: 0049 761 203-67756

E-Mail: elisabeth.schleep[at]sinologie.uni-freiburg.de



University Education:

Since March 2013
Doctoral student at the University of Freiburg, Dept. of Sinology

January 2013
M.A. in Sinology, General Linguistics and Private Law, University of Freiburg, after studies at the Universities of Freiburg and Nanjing

Research and Teaching Positions:

Since October 2013
Research associate, Dept. of Sinology, University of Freiburg

March 2013 - August 2013
Research associate for the preparation of the project „Chinas Transformationen in den 1970er und 80er Jahren zwischen Politik und Gesellschaft“

April 2011 - July 2012
Student assistant, Dept. of Sinology, University of Freiburg

April 2008 - July 2009
Student assistant, Dept. of Sinology, University of Freiburg


January 2013
„Alumni-Preis der Philosophischen Fakultät“, University of Freiburg, for the master’s thesis: Die Entwicklung der chinesischen Internetliteratur

Main Research Interests:

History of modern China

Autobiographical writing in China

Modern and contemporary Chinese society and culture, especially Chinese Internet literature


Journal Articles (peer review):

“Steady Updating Is the Kingly Way”: The VIP System and Its Impact on the Creation of Online Novels, in: Chinese Literature Today 5:1 (Jan. 2015):65-73.


Chen Huiqin and Chen Shehong, Daughter of Good Fortune: A Twentieth-Century Chinese Peasant Memoir, in: Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Review 11 (2016).

Michel Hockx, Internet Literature in China, in: ASIEN. The German Journal on Contemporary Asia 138 (Jan.2016):168-170.

Jin Feng, Romancing the Internet: Producing and Consuming Chinese Web Romance, in: Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Review 9 (2014).


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde [German Association for Asian Studies] (DGA)




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